Want Attention in INSTAGRAM ?

Hearts on Instagram, while incredibly valuable, are hard to come by with 65 percent of Instagram images garnering between 0 and 10 Hearts. Here some examples that shows what kind of photos get much more hearts than others.

Most people thinks red gets much more attention that other colors but this study showed blue color get 24% more hearts than red color.

Images with less colors get 18% more hearts than others. Of course not true all the time , some photos with multiple colors also gets many like but photo at the right doesn’t look nice.

Be careful with the saturation of your photo as you see right one is look much more nicer!!. Even the girl has a nice smile because of the moderate saturation her photo gets less hearts than the photos with low saturation.

Texture is very important for getting hearts in instagram, photo at the right not that bad but photo at the left is look really nice and make you look at it over and over again. Alsa photos with wide background gets more hearts than the photos which look like the right one.

Well i think selfies -with a cute smile- are better than the duck-faces but we love are ladies so they are both fine for us. But ladies should take photos of the life around them ( sometimes!! ).


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