US mobile users are flocking to Instagram!!!

Instagram has already overtaken Twitter in the US.

The growing popularity of the photo-based social media app instagram is the biggest surprise in Nielsen’s annual list of the most popular smartphone apps in the US. In 2013, Instagram app attracted 31,992,000 unique monthly users on iOS and Android devices, making instagram the seventh most popular mobile app in use in United States.

Instagram will have some way challenges for the number six spot; Gmail has unique 64,408,000 monthly users this past year — but it’s over a million more users than Twitter app for smartphones. With 30,760,000 monthly entry, the micro blogging site found itself in 10th place, The fact that Twitter is much more popular service.

Instagram globally has 150 million active users , nearly 60% of users live outside of the United States. According to Nielsen’s figures, Instagram’s popularity has seen a 66% up in popularity over the last year — the biggest rising of any app to make at the top 10 list. One reason for this, could be the fact that Instagram’s app for Android, it only launched in June 2012.

Social media is the number-one destination for US phone users. The most popular mobile app is Facebook (103,420,000 monthly users), with Google Search in second place (75,984,000) and the Google Play app store app in third place (73,667,000).

Year report also reveals that almost two thirds (65%) of US mobile phone subscribers are now smartphone owners ( last year %56 ) and that Android has 52% of devices in use, with Apple’s iPhone in the second place with a 41% market share.

The top 10 Smartphone apps of 2013 for US users 18 and over:

1. Facebook 103,420,000 monthly users, up 27% on 2012
2. Google Search 75,984,000 monthly users, up 37% on 2012
3. Google Play 73,667,000 monthly users, up 28% on 2012
4. YouTube 71,962,000 monthly users, up 27% on 2012
5. Google Maps 68,580,000 monthly users, up 14% on 2012
6. Gmail 64,408,000 monthly users, up 29% on 2012
7. Instagram 31,992,000 monthly users, up 66% on 2012
8. Maps (Apple) 31,891,000 monthly users, up 64% on 2012
9. Stocks 30,781,000 monthly users, up 32% on 2012
10. Twitter 30,760,000 monthly users, up 36% on 2012

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