Six Important Mistakes Organizations Are Making On Instagram

Every day on Instagram people sharing 55 million photos through their smart phones. In 2017 Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed; reports say that usage of Instagram increased 66 percent through the year. Instagram gives businesses and non profit organizations a great way to connect with many people. Businesses can find new costumers and non-profit organizations gain new supporters. We will give some tips how can you make your instagram account popular and stand out.

Mistake #1: Sharing Bad Photos
Best part of digital photos are that you can take them anytime you want, but for instagram photos you should be little bit more careful when you are taking a photo for instagram sharing, not every photo might get the same attention and hearts ( likes ). Think about yourself do you follow anyone who shares useless photos or how many time you stop following your friends in Facebook just for they are sharing not interesting photos or links.

No one want to follow an account which has bad photos or not supporting the purpose of your organization , also you should be careful about this; Do Not Share too many photos at once, every day share 3 to 8 photos and start tagging them.

Mistake #2: Not Tagging Anything
Like Twitter you can tag photo in Instagram, tags are very important for you to reach many people who is not following you. So after sharing you photos ( 3 to 8 ) start tagging them start with popular tags paste the first one and give it at least 2 hour and change it with the second one instagram will let you at least copy and paste 12 – 14 times. You can also use photography tags, city tags, country tags. If you are in America and only want to reach people in USA, you can use tags for USA also.

Important thing is change the tags time to time – 2 or 3 hour- if your going to sleep leave the tags with less popular one in tags are lined with popular on the top, less populars are on the bottom.

Mistake #3: Having An Inactive Account
As was pointed out every day 55 million photos added to instagram, if you want to stay visible and get attention of your followers all the time try to share photos all the time.

Mistake #4: Never Liking Photos
If you want a good relationship with you followers you should communicate with them, like their photos and comment – write honest comments not like a spam.

Mistake #5: Not Following People In The Community
One of the best is start following people who are good followers of your account that will show that you caring about them. This is good for your image.

Mistake #6: Not Realizing The Big Picture
Of course instagram is good for reaching many people and it is gaining much popularity everyday but do not forget about other social networks, instagram let you share your photos to other social platforms so don’t forget to use it.


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