Polaroid Socialmatic: New Toy For Instagram Lovers

Polaroid is a 75 years old company and their cameras always been popular until the smart phones but they try to change this aspired from instagram madness they made a new camera called SocialMatic.

Camera was a concept but now it is real, price is 299$, i am sure many people will buy just for fun of course. This camera can print your photos instantly and awash in a appropriately faded filter. 2″ by 3″ photos which double as sticker. Camera is of course not for professional photographers but photos that printed by this camera will be a good thing for your home decoration. It will on sale at 2014 Fall.

Polaroid Socialmatic print 2″x3″ photos instantly on ink free papers. ZINK® Zero Ink® printing technology for smudge-proof, water and resistant photos- sticker ( backed Zink photo can be printed in under a minute ) . A pack of 50 photo cards will only $15. Also this camera is a social media device. It is The Android™-based and lets you connect with your favorite apps to share your photos instantly.

Front camera has a 14-megapixel sensor.
rear-facing cam 2-meapixel.
LED flash rather than Xenon.
Small LCD panel on the front of the camera.
The display on the rear is 4.3-inches.
Stereo speakers for video playback.
GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is on board.
4GB of internal storage and an SD card slot for expansion.

For More Visit http://shop.social-matic.com/

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