Instagram Marketing: 10 Important Tips

Instagram Marketing 10 Important Tips

At the end of 2013 Beyonce that Instagram is not just a social media in which you share your photos and videos. On December 12 Beyonce released a album by only announcing it on the photo-sharing web. Just in three days, her album sold 617.000 copies on iTunes and become No:1 spot on the Billboard. This showed that how can a social marketing make you reach many people. Of course Beyonce has many followers and she works with really good professional people who knows marketing but they showed they don’t need to spend more money to advertisement to sell a album. Well when you use Instagram for reaching people your effort may not the same affect like Beyonce’s but it will still affect your business in positive way.

Here are some Tips for you to reach many people in instagram.

1. Show, not tell

Do you have a good product? you do?!! well show that to people , not only tell what does it do. If you are selling clothes, show people how are they look on people, if you are selling Cosmetics show that how is look on a lady. Are you pimping cars?)) show the cars you made and also take videos when you are working on a car, Let people hear the sound of that car. Anything you do just show, stop writing long stuff under your photo, 90 percent people don’t even bother to read it if they your visual post not interesting for them.

2. Run an Instagram contest

Need a boost? Want more followers? Well you can try to hold a contest. Tell your followers post photos using a hashtag of your choice it can be about your cause or your new product, at the end choose one or more of them a give a price. I have some examples for you in USA Mercedes-Benz told their followers to post photos about theor adventures with the car, they tagged it #CLATakeTheWhell. End of the contest best story tellers got a change to drive a Mercedes-Benz CLA for five days. An another example Dunkin’ Donuts gave their follower $100 gift card who will agree to wear their dress ” Dunkin’ Donut Coffee Cups ” they used a hashtag too it was #DressDD.

3. Go behind the scenes

Everybody love to see what happens behind the closed doors – one of of my favorite show is ” How It’s Made ” from Discovery Channel – i really find the program interesting and it make me respect to the people who made them, because really some of the product we use daily need a hard work and this make respect to those people. Some companies like Fashion and Burberry has mastered on this, they show reel- time photo feeds of their fashion show and behind the scenes of their show. Well of course you are not having big organizations like them but you can show how you do it, and it will get attention.

4. Humanize your brand

These days people want to know more about the products are services their users, Humanize your brand? Share photos of your stuff it is a like an about page in the blogs. About page which shows more about their staff get more attention and get more trustable than others. Share images of your stuff when they are working, when you are having a meeting. Photos from your picnics , your organizations and many things like that.

5. Give followers an adventure

Your followers might find interesting to learn about your organizations, share photos of trade shows, conferences and other industry events of yours. Try to show people what do you and where are you going, these gives an idea about your company.

6. Post videos

Videos are getting popular in instagram!! you have 15 seconds and it is really enough if you use wisely, Youtube has ad videos who watches it? in Youtube my mouse icon is always waiting on the skip button all the time, i don’t watch 99 percent of those videos. So use your 15 second for good and creative stuff, if it is necessary work with professional people who makes videos, it will get more attention.


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