Instagram For You Local Businesses

Instagram For You Local Businesses

In New York; too many small businesses are using social media to find more customers specially this holiday season and they are not only use Facebook or Twitter. Instagram and Pinterest also getting attention from this businesses. Facebook and Twitter have a broader reach but some businesses are finding Instagram and Pinterest much for useful to reaching many more people with their more visual interface. Pinterest’s users are mostly women, Instagram has many young adults. This two service heavily rely on photos – instagram also have video – this specialty make them much more useful for businesses.

An American Service survey showed that this two service were each used by 2 percent of business owners, Facebook has 37 percent, Twitter has 10 percent. But the business owners who use Pinterest and Instagram say they are good way to connect with their customers.

Focus on photos

Pinterest is good for business which sell furniture, gift, clothes etc. this businesses reach many customers for free one of the owner Karin Bennet post hundreds of picture in Pinterest’s boards. ” You ca get lost in visual for hours ” Bennett says. Bennett also use Facebook for reaching middle-aged and older women. Using Twitter to tell customers and other businesses about store events.

Instagram For Local Businesses

If you operate a local business or internet business which don’t have much money for advertising. Instagram is one of the best social media program for you. Yo can reach many people without spending any money. Some things you should do first

Open an account with a name that can be easily remembered.
Putting your shop on Instagram’s map.

After doing steps; start sharing, you should choose hours really well. For example if you are local store which makes cakes share photos when people are much more online in instagram. People are mostly using instagram at the morning ( at the bus going to work or in the bed try to wake up ), at lunch breaks and at nights after work until they sleep. Well if you have business that has can work with all the country even with word you can share any time you want but be careful with using the tags.

Using hashtags is very important in this portal to reach people who don’t know you business exist. In hashtags organized well for locations in the world use the tags which suit you locations – like city tags, country tags – when you using specific tags group – food tags, fashion tags or popular tags – try to use them when people you want to reach are awake are available to use Instagram. Don’t forget to leave the tags under the photos all the time.

And getting many likes Instagram change the tags time to time.

For Example, every day you may share 6 or 8 photos you don’t need to add more photos to reach many people if you reach many photos people might stop following you. Instead of sharing many photos keep changing the tags . paste one tags group under your last shared 6 or 8 photos give them an hour or more and change it again. This will help you to reach many more people without your existing followers getting bored of your photo rush.

Of course you can also share photos if it is necessary work with professional people for this videos and buy a good camera.

Here is example for you ” two sister using instagram for their business “


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