Instagram & Drug-Related Hashtags

Drug dealers might need a new slang for selling drugs, some drug dealers using instagram tags for finding new customers. Instagram has blocked searches for this hashtags after they realized that dealers used those terms to advertise available drugs.
marijuana hashtags for instagram

Instagram has set of rules about what is and isn’t allowed on the app, an Instagram spokeswoman said: “We encourage people who come across illegal or inappropriate content report it to us using the built-in reporting tools next to every photo, video or comment, so we can take action.”

“People can’t buy things on Instagram, instagram is simply a place where people share photos and videos,” an Instagram spokeswoman said. So how they make a deal? Research shows that seller and buyers converse via messaging services like Whatsapp or Kik, using PayPal and send the products via mail services. Buyers and sellers using hashtags to contact, some tags are ; #leanteam, #dirtysprite, #pourup. they were blocked. but i don’t think it will solve anything because it is not hard to find a new hashtag for using.


Another note.

Instagram is a place where people can share pictures of their daily life, hobbies and things they are interested in. Unfortunately, those things are sometimes harmful and illegal. There are often pictures posted of people ( mostly teenagers) smoking marijuana – weather it be with a joint or glass pipes, Once the pictures are posted, it attracts followers that that are interested in the same thing or even worse, naive teenagers who are affected by the images and are tempted to try it because they see it posted everywhere. Also, drug dealers who post these pictures are able to find customers through this app which produce a whole new problem.


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