What should you do if you want a effective instagram contest.

1. Choose a Great Prize

Well of course prize is the most important piece of your contest. Make the prize something relevant to your own business. A price or a gift card of your business. There is two reason for that;

1. A gift card is enticing to all of your customers, prize is for the largest group of people. If you give away a service or product, you will get entries from the people interested in your specific product. With a gift card you might able to attract entries from those who are interested of your products.

2. Gift Card will attract people who are interested in your stuff. If you give away a phone or maybe an ipad people will only be interested on ipad not your products. With this kind of price not many people will return you as a customer but with a gift card you can find people who interested with your products.

2. Make it Easy to Enter

One of the important rule MAKE IT EASY!!!. If you make it difficult it will be hard get returns to your contest, if you ask your followers to take a photo of a specific thing, less people will able enter your contest ” unless you have a lots of followers but remember less rule make the greater number submission you will receive.

3. Promote It

Send an email blast: Try to gather e-mails of your customers.
Promote your contest on social networks: Not only instagram try to use every social media and gain followers. You might also try ” ” for finding new followers. If your followers looks too much it will be better.

Add a banner on your website home page : Of course your web page will help you find people for your contests.
List your Contest on popular contesting websites.

A list of sites that you can put your contest.

Cool Freebie Links / Shop4Freebies / Freaky Freddies / Free Stuff Headquarters / I Love Giveaways / Freebiedot / Contestchest / TheFreeSite / Bestfreestuffonline / Free-n-cool / MySavings / All Free Samples / Yes All 4 Free / JustFree Stuff /Freemania

Some of them might be not much popular in your country but they helpful.

4. Give your followers a Reason to Share.

Choose the Winner based on Votes: You can make a photo contest for your giveaway, people will share this events with their friends for make them vote for them.

5. Choosing an Entry Method.

1. “Enter to Win”: This Requires to share a photo or a repost. Ask them to share a specific photo and use a tags or share a photo of your contest or store.
2. “Like to win”: This is simple entry method, with the lowest barrier to entry.
3. “Follow to win”: This is also very effective for future events, you will reach much more people when you share a photo or a video.
6. Monitor your Contest

Best way doing this is using a specific hashtag so you check how effective your contest is.

7. Post-Contest Email Follow-up & Promotion.

After your contest finishes, share the winner at every social media you are using, if you have a store, take a picture of the winner when she / he come to your store for shopping.


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