Instagram Becoming a Problem For Twitter

Instagram and Twitter appeal to the same audience and used by similar percentage of online users. 73 percent of online adults are using social networking websites. Based on the latest survey that is from Pew Research Center’s Internet Project. Twitter has major instagram problem.

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world. But many people are starting to diversify onto other platforms. 42 percent of online adult users now use multiple social networking sites. Instagram users are using instagram daily bases like Facebook users, they use the app everyday.

Pew found that 18 percent of online users using Twitter and 17 percent of them are using Instagram, both applications have identical users. This numbers start to make Twitter uncomfortable. And last advertisement successes of the companies on Instagram has a little bit role on that. Instagram adds are much more affective than Twitters, in our time ; adds with visual contents have better effects on costumers than the text messages.

In near future investors of Twitter might get a little bit uncomfortable. Instagram users are more active and spend more time in instagram. 57 percents of the instagram users visit the application at least once per day, 35 percent of the users visit it several times a day. In this users 46 percent daily visit twitter and 29 percent visits multiple times per day.

Well at first twitter was a big success but nothing is popular forever for now instagram starts to taking the lead but never know what will happen in the future.

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