How To Take Better Instagram Photos With Phone

Thanks to the technology now everyone can be a photographer, smart phones make it easy for us to take photos anytime and anywhere but they are still not like DSLRs of course but you can still take really good photos and with Instagram you can show it to the World. For better photos we have some tips for you from amateur and expert photographers.

Here are some tips for you.

Tip 1: If you want you can control to light with your phone, when taking a photo, tap the areas with light to define contrast and exposure. With an iphone you should tap and hold for a few seconds to lock onto the exposure, you will see ” AE/AF LOCK ” on the screen.

Tip 2: Patience!! sometimes for a beautiful photo you have to wait for the right time, you must wait for everything to perfectly align. There are always lessons to learning to wait.

Tip 3: Instead of Instagram use iPhone’s native camera app, also you can use a app which has a burst-shooting mode that let you shoot many photos in a short time period.Take many photos with burst shooting and choose the best one.

Tip 4: Low down or high up positions can make your picture more interesting for your follower. You can also use some apps to increase the contrast of your photos before sharing them in Instagram ” like TiltShift Generator ” also for straighten horizons with Photoshop Express app. Also simple pictures with a clear focus will work well.

Tip 5: When taking a photo of food, best is using natural light. shooting a photo in a darkly restaurant with a flash will never be good look. What you should do!! sit near a window and stick to simple filters that offer a subtle contrast enhancement and colors.

Tip 6: Darker figure and the lighter background with a lot of contrast : it makes everything pop.

Tip 7: If you have a chance to shooting a photo from sky : if possible shoot during evening or early morning, when the shadows are longest they will provide depth to an otherwise flat scene. Also, incorporate the clouds and sky to balance landscape.

Tip 8: Keep your photos free of distraction and clutter, if you want to be star of the show use grid feature on your phone to ensure horizon is lined up straight and don’t try to use clarity feature on photo editing apps too much. If your photo is strong no need anything or “HDR”.

We hope this informations helps you to improve your skills, you can also visit the photographers and give a look to their other photos.


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