How Australia is using Instagram for Drawing Tourists

@Austraila is Tourism Australias official Instagram account, it has 530,000 followers, account is one of the most popular travel and tourism brands in the world. It has been posted almost 3000 photos , there is a small team who are traveling around the continent and capturing images.

The social media manager of Tourism Australia Jesse Desjardins said : If we went out and took the photos ourselves, it would be impossible to get the same results, He is one of three people who manage the accounts for the organization.

Many Instagrammers use the hashtag ” #SeeAustralia ” each day to have their shots seen by Tourism Australia, they have been reviewed about half a million photos since the account was launched two years ago. Each day the team chooses the best 4 or 5 photos. Best Instagram tags for Australia.

Desjardins told The Sydney Morning Herald “We choose images based on research that Tourism Australia has done,” Many people come to Australia because of the animals and landscapes , that things make Australia unique. Turns out Australia is very photogenic. A travel Website recently checked nearly 2000 accounts of destinations as brands and 200 most popular from chosen from this accounts and 197 were from Australia.

Also some other Countries has instagram accounts : Canada has 52,521 and South africa has just 1098.The large number of followers helps too. Canada’s Instagram has 63.000 followers and South Africa has just 1098. But the most effective is still the ” @Australia ” …

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