Top 5 Instagram Questions

How to Get More Followers on Instagram ?

For Getting More Follower You Should Start Doing These Steps!!!..

1. Choose an unique username which is easy to remember and specific.

NO >> Sel12_66, sumeyyaakksoy << YES >> Lifeinism , PhotoCare

2. Share nice photos, don’t share any photo you took. ( you can use photo editing programs too )

Share videos of interesting things or events in your life. ( share videos of your animals !) << they are very popular )) 3. Do not share too many photos at once!!. 4. Use Hastags !! tags are really important, using the popular tags make your photos seen with other people and can make you more popular. During the day change the tags group under your photos, – sometimes instagram will allow you to change tags of 7 or 8 photos – and keep changing the tags ” use an another group “. 5. like other peoples photos. 6. comment, be honest, stop saying “follow me” or ” like my photos”.

What’s a good Instagram name?

If you want to be remembered you a specific name for your acoount,

1. Choose short name.

2.Choose a name that is not complicated and easy to remember.

wrong >> sl34_h9 , tomahavked_459, gmoney082473 …etc

good ones >> jaydotpot , lifeinism, hey_alls

for finding a name…

write your; name, last name, where do u live, and many more

ex. if you are living in Alabama and you are female

alabamagirl, alabamasally

and many more you can make …

Do not forget it should be clear so everyone can remember !!

How to make someone unfollow me on instagram?

There is only way to do this, you can block the profile you don’t like also you report the profile if you are offended by it.

How to get Instagram likes?

1. Try to catch nice photos of your life.

2.Share interesting videos or funny videos.

3.Share videos of your animals.

4. Do Not share to many videos or photos during the day.

5.Share photos or videos at nights, when people are much more free ” after 6 o’clock is much more good.

6. in Tagsforhearts; we separetes city and country tags by place so you can choose best time to use tags under your photo.

7.Like other people’s photos and put honest comments.

8.Use hashtags groups in our site and change them use every group you can.

9. Do Not share too much photo at once and don’t use the same tags group all the time.

10. Give every tags Group at least 30 min than change it. In TagsForHeart; popular groups are at the top. Use the first one and go down, instagram allow you to use 6 or 7 tags group. Leave the less popular tags group under your photo and stop tagging that photo, time to time it will some likes.

Why aren’t my hashtags working anymore?

some times tags dont work in this stuations

1.If you share to many photo at once, only less popular once will work.

2. Instagram let you paste the tags under the photo 6 or 7 times ( 30 tags group ).

3. Don’t use the same tag groups all time, change it time to time