Cats Of Instagram Vol:1

cats of instagram

Cats, their accounts in instagram gets more followers faster than other, personally i love following these cute kittens and cats but don’t tell no one)). We will show you some adorable cats accounts that you might want to follow.

@themaxsociety Max is a really funny cat, you will see his tongue a lot, his owner will make you smile a lot with the comments she writes under the photos.

@dillentheblindcat This is account is really inspiring, a blind ginger cat and his perfect owner and you will be shocked what a blind cat can do, amazing

@bengalferret Adorable friendship between a bengal cat and a ferret, their fights are cute.

@fjarilflickans This is one of the best cat owner i have ever seen, she is from Sweden ( has a lovely voice ))) has four adorable cat. She is also a professional photographer and a cat breeder and in near future you might see her in a tv show as a catwisperer, you can ask her question about cats. Best thing about her she is not comment like she is the cat)) but her instagram name hard to remember. My favorite cat is ” Zinna ”

Best cats hashtags on instagram.

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