Instagram Direct

Instagram now has direct messaging service called Instagram Direct. Private messaging platform. In introducing Instagram Direct, CEO Kevin Systrom said that “communication and photography aren’t disparate entities. The company launched, he recalled, with the idea to create a new way to communicate, but along the way Instagram became better known for photography than conversing”. Continue reading “Instagram Direct”

Six Important Mistakes Organizations Are Making On Instagram

Every day on Instagram people sharing 55 million photos through their smart phones. In 2017 Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed; reports say that usage of Instagram increased 66 percent through the year. Instagram gives businesses and non profit organizations a great way to connect with many people. Businesses can find new costumers and non-profit organizations gain new supporters. We will give some tips how can you make your instagram account popular and stand out. Continue reading “Six Important Mistakes Organizations Are Making On Instagram”

Avoid spams on instagram?!

There is a huge amount of spam and fake accounts on instagram and seems like they are unstoppable for now. These spams have “fake names”, and do not post many pictures in their feed. They are just promoting over and over again; links to absurd sites that could help you getting new followers and likes – but do not forget “instlike” they stole 100.000 accounts – some say they can make you a model, some of them doesn’t have any links just put same comment so they can get some attention to their accounts. Continue reading “Avoid spams on instagram?!”

US mobile users are flocking to Instagram!!!

Instagram has already overtaken Twitter in the US.

The growing popularity of the photo-based social media app instagram is the biggest surprise in Nielsen’s annual list of the most popular smartphone apps in the US. In 2013, Instagram app attracted 31,992,000 unique monthly users on iOS and Android devices, making instagram the seventh most popular mobile app in use in United States. Continue reading “US mobile users are flocking to Instagram!!!”