BBC is going for new type of news style to reach more people in the world and they start using instagram for this. For reaching new audience on social media they are using 15 seconds video news for now it is working many people start to follow BBC’s instagram account. Todays world people don’t have much for checking every news on their smartphones – not fast enough – but with the Instafax ( that is how they called it. it came from the BBC’s old Ceefax service. Ceefax was the world’s first teletext service that ran UK television until 2012) you can check this short 15 seconds videos and than visit the site for see more detail information about the news.

Prosecutors have confirmed that two people have died from bullet wounds following unrest in Kiev, Ukraine. Clashes began after police moved in to dismantle a protest camp. They are the first fatalities since protests over proposed EU membership began in November. Read the full story at: [We are experimenting with a short form news service we’re calling #Instafax. We’d love to hear what you think.]

BBC News Director James Harding says their vision to find new innovative ways to bring news to new audiences, something that our team has been looking at for some time. For now there aren’t any more plans for a new social media trial for ways of publish news. Instafax viewers are being encouraged to comment and give a feedback. So far some of thoughts about instafax are good – not all )) – but time will shown this is a good idea or bad.

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