Avoid spams on instagram?!

There is a huge amount of spam and fake accounts on instagram and seems like they are unstoppable for now. These spams have “fake names”, and do not post many pictures in their feed. They are just promoting over and over again; links to absurd sites that could help you getting new followers and likes – but do not forget “instlike” they stole 100.000 accounts – some say they can make you a model, some of them doesn’t have any links just put same comment so they can get some attention to their accounts.

It´s really annoying and our community is starting to get really bored by these “low-cost marketing strategies” and behaviors. This accounts are really annoying of this low-cost marketing behaviors. Of course there many accounts which want to find costumers for their businesses, even we are a business too but we don’t want to bother people with this spams. It’s annoying.

What Can we do for this Spam problem on Instagram?

Unfortunately there is only few things you can do. Most of People using the reporting button for this comments, but their numbers are getting higher everyday. Instagram community gets many reports like this and some of them just coming from the people who offended from some comments from real people, it must be very hard to find this accounts if you think there are 150.000.000 user entries to the instagram.

Sometimes these bots use the pictures of real people and of course this very irritating for people whose photos are stolen. And only solution for this problem can only came from instagram.

Instagram is conscious of this situation and working hardly against this spammers. They totally know that keeping spam away is the key point for the future of this popular application.

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