According to Google : The 10 Most Discussed Apps and Gadgets of 2013

Google has given us a sneak-peek at which apps and gadgets people in the United States have been searching in 2013. Instead of the most searched items, we’re looking at are the most trending searches in google at year 2013.

What’s the difference? Says Google: “The ‘trending’ queries are the searches that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2013 as compared to 2012.”

These are the gadgets which is most discussed of this year, in other words — people are wanting to find out more about them.

Here’s the “Trending Tech Gadgets 2013” list for you:

PlayStation 4
Samsung Galaxy S4
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPad Air
iPad Mini ( with retina, my favorite with the ipad air )
Nexus 5
iPhone 6

And here’s the “Trending Mobile/Tablet Apps 2013” list:

Bitstrips ( Design cartoon versions of yourself & your friends, getting very popular !!)
Candy Crush ( people are going crazy about it, i still insist to not playing it )
Snapchat ( now in a war with instagram direct )

Apple’s got five of this 10 slots on the gadgets list – one of which is for a product that doesn’t even exist ( iphone 6 ). Microsoft can’t be too happy that the Xbox One didn’t make the cut, while Sony and Samsung are probably high-fiving each other right now. The apps list looks about right, though Bitstrips taking the top slot might come as a surprise to some.

Microsoft will not be happy their big hit XBOX not in the list this year but maybe next year but it should passed i phone6 and iphone 7 !!. Sony and Samsung can be happy but as an apple user i always go with Apple!!. I wasn’t expecting Bitstrips though.

You can also watch the video of Google made about most popular searches this year.

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