Over 150 million people use Instagram in one month. There is a way to take your Instagram photos to the next level; print your photos on gifts for family, friends and yourself of course!! We found 15 awesome ways to print your Instagram photos! Info updated 06.2017

Big Stickers!

Big stickers with high resolution ,these stickers would be beloved by kids and teens, These stickers are 4 “x 4”, and are fully removable (phew). Starts at just over $20 for ten stickers.

From Artflakes. From 20 euro.

Cell Phone Case

I use Phone case to lets admit it smarts phone are easy to break when you dropped them.This Cases starting at less than $10 a case and you can have case only special for you. You can get gift certificates as well – perfect for those hard-to-buy teenagers of relatives.

From Casetagram, starting at $9.95.

Photo Books

One of the Best, you can create a photo book with your daughter’s first year in photos. 7″ by 7″ photo books will look great on your book.

From Blurb, from $22.99.

Photo Prints

Printstagr.am offers a huge array of ways to print your Instagram photos and offers significantly high quality prints. it is one of best decoration item, it is much more expensive service than others but it worth it. — but you won’t get better quality. Best of all, they offer a gift card code that never expires!!!

From Printsagr.am, starting at $30.


Weird but charming. Custom made marshmallows with your Instagram photos. it can be a good for you to eat memories from your life!!.

From Boomf, starting at $6.5.

Tiny Ceramic Tiles

One of interesting choose you can have. You can use for use in a mosaic? So much fun. Idea is great, Imagesnap also offers larger 4.25″ tiles as well.

From ImageSnap, starting at $5 a tile.


Enjoy sending postcards for young generation this can be old. But idea is great, you don’t have to choose one of the post card in the stock create one as you like.

From Postagram, starting at $1.99.


i love photo mosaic they are great for decoration and now you can use your Instagram photos as a poster is a brilliant idea. You can make a 61cm wide poster. A bit more expensive at around $33, but still worthwhile.

From Firebox, starting at £24.99.

Canvas Prints

These are probably one of the best option for printing your Instagram photos. Best of all, CanvasPop has pioneered a method to make your fairly low-resolution Instagram photos a nice, rich, high resolution image on canvas. They are really good at this, really and truly, and the price is absolutely right starting at only around $30 and can go as large as 30″ by 30″. Love these.

From CanvasPop, from $30 to $450.

Boo Shadow Box CLOSED

This beautiful little bamboo frame perfectly for your Instagram photos, has two sizes 4″ and 7″ size. Also you can order blank ones and apply your own photo to the frame. Blank frame range from $18 max with your Instagram print it will cost $19 or $29 depending on size. You will be happy to know they do offer gift certificates.

Gift certificates for $25, $50, and $100 , From Hatch Craft, $18-$29 for prints.

Instagram Bangle No longer available

This bangle is made from transparent resin and is available in large, small and regular starting price $40. you can requestWhile it claims to be “Instagram inspired,” you can request a custom order with your photos. My favorite part of the seller’s description is, “These are not Super Hero bracelets/cuffs, they won’t deflect bullets and they’re not meant for children, base jumping, mixed martial arts classes or stopping trains with your bare hands.” NOTED.

From Etsy artist “Buy My Crap.” Starting at $40.

Ceramic Coasters Don’t work anymore

Wedding on a coaster? , nature or city shoots can be look good on a coaster. But it is definitely nice for decoration for your place , and for less than $10 for four coasters, you can’t go wrong – If you think you can do it your self check this link >> do them yourself!

From Etsy artist alp6789, from $9.50.

Instagram Calendar CLOSED

I am using my smart phone for calendar but you can send a calendar to your parents which has photos of you children. Less than $20 at the many sites that offer it, but Keepsy specifically offers easy layouts for Instagram photos.

From Keepsy, starting at $19.95.

Instagram Shirts CLOSED

Price range start with $15, you can customize your own t-shirt with a group of your Instagram photos. Using a s mix of Instashirt and Zazzle, you can order everything from baby sizes to 4X shirts for adults.

From Instashirt, starting at $15.

Magnets CLOSED

Stickygram Instagram magnets. Perfect for metal surface and of course for the refrigerators. They are shipping anywhere in the world and free shipping. 9 magnets are only $14.99.

From Stickygram, starting at $14,99.

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